Sardinilla in Tomato Sauce GÁLICA 6/10


The Sardinilla inTomato Sauce Gálica, despite being a fish, is a demanding product and presents a process of elaboration with enough laboriousness. With the entry into the factory, the sardinilla is decapitated and eviscerated very carefully to avoid breakage and not spoil the presence of it.



Sardinilla in Tomato Sauce 6-10; They are immediately placed on grills, passing them and immersing them in brine (water and salt), so that they give them flavor, texture and consistency. Then, they are subjected to a traditional roast and packed by hand with great care in each container. A tomato sauce coating is added, the containers are closed and sterilized, which are extremely and rigorously controlled processes, which guarantee the conservation and quality of the product for years without the need to add preservatives or artificial addictives.

Subsequently they are stored, turning it mechanically from time to time, for refinement and subsequent sale.

Specifications: Small sardine (Sardina pilchardus) of homogeneous size in tomato sauce. Hand-selected in each container and fished in Portuguese Galician waters with the traditional art of purse seining by boats and sailors from Galicia.


  • The color and aroma of the tomato stands out.
  • Smooth, soft and clear sardine flavor with a spicy background.

*NOTE: We accompany the tasting with an Albariño Viña Cartín.

Producer: Conservas Galica.

Product: Sardinilla in Tomato Sauce 6-10 Pieces.

Ingredients: Small sardine 73%, tomato 20%, olive oil 7% and salt.

Appellation of Origin: No.

Presentation: Hermetically sealed brass container.

Units: Between 6 and 10

Net Weight: 111 gr.

Drained Weight: 90 gr.

Capacity: 90 ml.

Nutritional Value: Energy value 836 kJ / 200 kcal, Fat 14.4 gr. (saturated 7.2 gr.), Carbohydrates 1 gr. (sugars 0 gr.), Proteins 16.6 gr., Salt 0.86 gr.

Delivery time in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.


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