Sardinillas in Spicy Olive Oil AREOSO GOURMET 16/22 Pieces


Spicy Olive Oil Sardines Areoso Gourmet 16-22; Small (Sardine pilchardus) of homogeneous size in olive oil, with cayenne. Hand-selected on each can.



Sardinillas Aceite Oliva Picantes AREOSO GOURMET 16-22, is a demanding product and presents a production process based on the professionalism of the handling operators.

With the arrival at the facilities, the sardinilla heads and eviscerates with great touch, to avoid breakage and not spoil the presence and quality of it. They are then placed on grills, passing them and submerging them in brine (water and salt).

Afterwards, they are subjected to a traditional roast and packed manually in each pack, a chilli (cayenne) is added to give it that spicy touch of its own. We incorporate the coverage of Olive Oil, close and sterilize the containers, without the addition of preservatives or artificial addictive.

We taste it and…

  • Bright silver colour.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Intense fishy flavor with a spicy and very pleasant touch, improving in can with maceration in olive oil. High content of Omega 3.


Producer: Areoso Gourmet preserves.

Product: Sardinillas Olive Oil Spicy Areoso Gourmet 16-22.

Fishing Art: Inshore fence.

Ingredients: Sardinilla, Olive Oil, Cayenne and Salt Chilli.

Appellation of Origin: No.

Units: Between 16 and 22 units.

Presentation: Classic brass container with decorated case.

Net Weight: 115 grams.

Pesor Drain:86 grams.

Capacity: 125 ml.

Nutritional value per 100 grams: 1034, 14KJ-247 kcal., Proteins 17.1 gr., Carbohydrates 9.6 gr., Fats 15.6 gr.

At home in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands between 48 and 72 hours.

European countries, between 3 and 6 days depending on distance.

Allergen Table:


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