Squid Stuffed in Olive Oil (CHIPIRONES)


Squid Stuffed in Olive Oil; Fresh, cooked and stuffed squid with their own tentacles. They are packaged with virgin olive oil and have a soft texture with a flavor that will surprise the most select palates.

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Squid Stuffed in Olive Oil; This small squid, also called Chipirón, is tender and very tasty.

The best, smallest and tenderest squid rigorously rated by sizes. They are then cleaned and prepared by hand, filled with their own tentacles.

He makes a good couple with an Albariño, Ribeiro or Godello.

Consumption recommendation, once the container is opened, transfer the unsumed product, with the same liquid, to a container suitable for food use, cover and store in refrigeration. Consume for the next 2 days.


  • From an Ivorian white, tasty meat and pleasant texture.
  • Bathed in excellent olive oil.
  • It supports all combinations in kitchen along with vegetables (chopped lettuce, shredded tomato) and fresh notes of some fine grass.

Manufacturer: Conservas Gálica.

Product Trade Name: Squid Stuffed in Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Squid (Teuthida

45%), olive oil and salt.

Denomination of origin: No.

Net Weight:111 Gr.

Drained Weight: 72 gr.

Capacity: 120 ml.

Nutritional Value: Energy value 1437 kJ /344 kcal, Fats 32.2 gr.(saturated 5.2 gr), Carbohydrates 2.0 gr.(sugars 0 gr.), Proteins 10.3 gr., Salt 1.8 gr.

At his home in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 48 and 72 hours.

European Countries, between 2 and 6 days depending on distance.

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