Zarate Herbal Brandy


Zarate Herbal Brandy; The bagasse spontaneously begin the alcoholic fermentation, which lasts approximately one month, during this period it is essential that they are not in contact with the air, to avoid their acetification.



Zarate Herbal Brandy; The distillation system is the traditional copper still. The process is discontinuous, it begins by filling the vat with the pomace and subsequent heating of the system, to obtain 16 liters of Pomace 3 hours of continuous distillation are needed.

Subsequently, the maceration is carried out with the winery’s own botanical, for at least 3 months in oak barrels, to immediately filter and refine in the bottle.


  • It has a pale yellow color, due to the lack of artificial dyes.
  • Great floral harmony, pleasant and round aroma. The memories of herbs from the countryside, chamomile or mint are perfectly combined with the aroma of peach or flowers provided by the pomace.
  • In the mouth it is intense, silky, with pleasant sweetness and ample finish.


Name of facilities: Bodegas Zarate.

Commercial Name of the Product: Zarate Herbal Brandy.

Place of Origin: Ribadumia-Pontevedra-Galicia-Spain.

Xeographic Indication Orujos de Galicia: Yes.

Distillation Procedure: Triple, by traditional steam drag.

Maceration Process: Pomace with selection of fine herbs, for 8 months in barrel. Subsequent filtering and fine-tuning.

Variety of Bagasse: Albariño.

Alcohol Content: 38º.

Presentation and capacity of the container: Bottle type cylindrical frasca of 0.50 cl.

Recommended service temperature: Between 3 and 6º. We recommend frozen glass or shot.

Delivery time to our customers in 24-48 Hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 2 and 3 days.

European countries, between 2 and 6 days.

Allergen Table:

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