Rivera Red Vermouth


Rivera Red Vermouth; it is a product “with a complex flavor and aroma in botanicals”, among which they mention “mugwort, wormwood, florence lily and St. John’s wort among others”, and an “elegantly bitter” touch provided by Cascade hops.



Rivera Red Vermouth; a new brand of vermouth made with Galician hops. The new vermouth has been conceived in the innovation laboratory of Custom Drinks in the factory that the company has in Chantada, and the key for them is that it uses the Variety of Galician hops Cascade, whose cultivation was promoted in Spain for the first time by this company.

The Galician brewing company focused on the cultivation and research of raw materials and their integration into the beverages of Corporación Hijos de Rivera, points out that “botanists have a fundamental weight in the formulation of a drink such as vermouth and, after a multitude of tests and trials, they discover that the integration of a variety of Hops like the Cascade was perfect to print the personality they were looking for in their Vermouth Rivera.”


  • The Rivera Vermouth is dark brown with bright-looking copper reflections.
  • Complex vermouth in botanicals but of classical line with careful balance between a discreet sweetness and a moderate acidity; highlighting body, bitterness and the elegant fusion of the artemisia,the wormwood,the iris (Lily of Florence) and the St. John’s wort (Hypericum) and perceiving subtle scented notes of roses on an integrated, slightly hop-on background.

Name of facilities: Custom Drinks

Commercial name of the product: Rivera Red Vermouth

Alcohol content: 15th

Presentation and capacity: Elegant retro bottle, with airtight closure of 0.75 cl.

Pairing: Perfect appetizer with ice and orange.

Delivery to our customers in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 48 and 72 hours.

European countries, between 2 and 6 days depending on distance.

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