Pazo de Valdomiño Cilantro


Pazo de Valdomiño Cilantro is a liqueur of aromatic and medicinal herbs unique in the world. Made by the Pazo de Valdomiño distillery and following an old recipe introduced in 1877 by the Goian D. Manuel Ozores and transmitted, since then, through successive generations.

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Pazo de Valdomiño Cilantro; Recognized as originally from the town of Goián, in the Baixo Miño (Pontevedra), it has become a highly appreciated digestive in our gastronomy due to the differentiated characteristics in terms of aroma, color and taste that gives it the maceration of coriander seeds and other herbs in Aguardiente de Orujo.

The Pazo de Valdomiño Distillery was in charge of continuing and respecting the family tradition, adapting to the new times and elaborating with equal affection and care this unique and sublime liquor, thus Pazo de Valdomiño Cilantrowas born.


  • To the eye it is crystal clear, with toasted tones.
  • On the nose, the balsamic aromas stand out with touches of citrus.
  • The drink is pleasant to drink and very digestive, sweet taste and citrus notes.


Name of facilities: Pazo de Valdomiño distilleries.

Commercial name of the product: Pazo de Valdomiño Cilantro

Xeographic Indication of Galician Orujos: Yes.

Distillation: Bi-distilled with Albariño bagasse.

Process: Maceration in oak barrels with own botanicals and subsequent refinement in the bottle.

Bagasse variety: Albariño 100%. %.

Alcohol Content: 33º.

Presentation and capacity of the container: Low and round bottle of 0.70 cl. capacity.

Recommended service temperature: Between 3 and 6º. The use of ice is not recommended, although yes, glass or shot very cold.

Delivery time 24-48 hours throughout the Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 48 and 72 hours.

European countries, between 2 and 6 days depending on distance.

Allergen Table:

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