M 54 Casa Mejuto Vermouth White


M 54 Casa Mejuto Vermouth Blanco; M54 Casa Mejuto Red Vermouth; Made with a blend of wines and macerated with a botanical in Galician oak (Carballo), composed of 25 totally exclusive and natural ingredients.



M 54 Casa Mejuto Vermouth Blanco; This vermouth is born from a blend of different white wines from different areas of the Spanish territory, with flavors and smells that make it unique, to obtain a complex final flavor.

This fusion is carried out in its facilities, resting in Galician oak barrels (Quercus robur) for at least three months. They add a botanical composed of 25 elements for at least three months.

Then they fuse the wines and botanicals with a final filtration prior to packaging, leaving it to rest for two months in the bottle, before going on the market.

Thus obtaining a vermouth of soft and complex aroma, fruit of the fusion of natural aromas and macerated and also of the use of quality wines.


  • A pale yellow white vermouth with mineral touches.
  • We obtain a vermouth with a soft and complex aroma, the result of the fusion of natural aromas of the macerated and the quality of the white wines.
  • In the mouth pleasant and light with a final aftertaste of artisan vermouth, with balance between sweet and bitter and the acidity provided by the fusion of the macerates.


Name of the Facilities: Mejuto Casares Distilleries.

Trade name: M54 Casa Mejuto Vermouth Blanco.

Place of origin: Melide– A Coruña-Galicia-Spain.

Base wine varietal: Blend of white varietals from different areas.

Alcohol Content: 15º

Presentation: Elegant bottle decorated in black and white with a capacity of 1 liter.

Recommended service temperature: Serve cold or with ice, preferably in a wide glass. Accompany with a thin slice of lemon.

At home in 24-48 hours throughout the Peninsula, on weekdays.

Balearic Islands, between 2 and 3 working days.

Other European Countries, between 2 and 6 working days.

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