GREEN MIXOLOGY Organic Vodka; This process is born in an orchard owned by the family, where they grow and select their own botanicals, which will give an unmistakable flavor and aroma to their drinks. Innovative varietals and unique aromas that allow maximum creativity from respect for nature.



GREEN MIXOLOGY Organic Vodka; In this case it is made from the distillate of long-lasting ancient wheat, for the production of neutral alcohol and native Galician corn, specifically pego corn, certified by CRAEGA.
Of the first, five redetilations are carried out and of the second, a distillation in copper still following the traditional method before carrying out the assembly.

There is also a second differentiating feature compared to most of the previous premium liquor distillates, which is that both in the case of vodka and the gin they make, the distillation is carried out in Galicia and not through the import or acquisition of neutral alcohol from other origins.




Facility Name: Green Mixology True Premium Organic Drinks

Commercial name of the product: GREEN MIXOLOGY Organic Vodka

Place of origin: A Coruña-Galicia-Spain.

Distillation: Distillation in copper still following the traditional method before assembly.

Macerated: In a steel vat and then in a bottle

Alcohol Content: 42 %.

At your home in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 24 and 72 hours.

European countries, between 2 and 6 days, depending on distance.

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