ENTROIDO Red Vermouth


ENTROIDO Red Vermouth; It is the essence of Galicia. It is a red vermouth made from Albariño Valmiñor



ENTROIDO Red Vermouth ;Extreme selection of herbal botanists, paying special attention to the most representative of Galicia such as cardamom, rosemary, coriander and vanilla among others. Infusion of the same by means of a process of maceration in a hydroalcoholic base for approximately two months.

Manual pressing of the herbs themselves, a process by which the infusion or botanical is obtained. On the other hand, the Albariño Valmiñor wine is used, made on a regular basis.

The infusion and the wine are mixed in the proportion designed together with the sugar. The color results from incorporating anthocyanins into the mixture, from the skins of red varieties such as Mencía. Subsequent correction of the alcohol content to 15º.

Filtration and final bottling.


  • Salmon color, pinkish reflections.
  • Intense, fragrant and very Atlantic nose at the same time delicate and complex, very fresh and pleasant citrus aromas from lemon and ginger, balsamic, bay leaf, mint and eucalyptus, coriander and cardamom.
  • Fresh mouth, a sweet bitterness, a light and soft texture, with a certain mellow, unctuous and persistent creaminess.

Name of facilities: Valmiñor Winery

Commercial name of the product: ENTROIDO Red Vermouth

Alcohol content: 15th

Presentation and capacity: Elegant and modern design of a bottle decorated in chestnut, with hermetic and reusable cap of 0.75 cl.

Marriage: Appetizer

Delivery to our customers in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Balearic Islands, between 48 and 72 hours.

European countries, between 2 and 6 days depending on distance.

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