Berrimes Queimada 70 cl


Berrimes Queimada; The traditional mixture of pomace brandy, sugar, lemon peel, coffee beans, apple, etc., becomes this brew of great tradition in Galicia.



Berrimes Queimada 70 cl.; Elaborated and already macerated so that the client himself lights it (bring fire to the product, arranged in a steel or clay container) stirring gently with a sopero ladle, and it will become the traditional queimada, to the sound of the spell.

A more intense result (reducing the burning time) or softer and caramelized can be obtained if it is left to burn until it extinguishes on its own. Serve in individual containers at the desired temperature (ideally served warm).

NOTE: To reduce the burning time, cover the container where we are making it, with a cloth, and it will stop burning.

Tasting… It will depend a lot on the time we give it to burn.

  • VIEW: It has a semi-transparent brown color, depending on the time elapsed with the fire.
  • NOSE: The traditional aroma of brandy is mixed with fruity aromas.
  • MOUTH: Intense flavor, pomace with fruit and caramelized coffee.


Name of Facilities: Berrimes Licores.

Product Trade Name: Berrimes Queimada 70 cl.

Place of origin: Berrimes-A Coruña-Galicia-Spain

Xeographic indication of Pomace from Galicia: No

Distillation Procedure: Bagasse of different varietals.

Maceration Process: Maceration of ingredients; lemon, coffee, sugar, apple, etc. in the bottle itself.

Variety of Bagasse: Albariño , Catalan, Godello, Treixadura, Etc.

Alcohol content: 42º

Presentation and capacity of the container: Square bottle type container with reusable cork stopper.

Recommended service temperature: Temperate, a prudential time elapses after the fire is extinguished.

Delivery to our customers in 24-48 hours throughout the Iberian Peninsula, on weekdays.

Balearic Islands, between 2 and 3 days.

Other European Countries, between 2 and 6 days.

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